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4CSD Annual Conference 2023

November 1-3, 2023

Doubletree Hotel in Claremont, CA


The theme for this year’s conference is
Deconstructing Barriers to Equity and Inclusion

Giving a Speech

Call for Proposals

Proposals are due May 26, 2023. 

We are seeking proposals that will provide attendees with practical ideas and information that will help them to deconstruct barriers to equity and inclusion on their campuses/at their districts. 


We are approaching this year’s conference in a new way. We are seeking to curate an intentional experience for attendees that maximizes the unique benefit of physically being together. We are seeking proposals from practitioners who are willing to share their lived experiences in a way that is practical, actionable and relevant to their colleagues.


We are seeking proposals that might fit into a 1-hour time frame as a standalone presentation. We are also seeking proposals that could be grouped together with colleagues from 1-2 other campuses around a similar topic; each would present for 10 minutes followed by table conversations amongst participants about the broader topic. For example, a few colleges may submit proposals around how they are using data to measure the effectiveness of PD. We could group the 2 or 3 of them together into one session. They would each present for 10 minutes and then the participants would have time to discuss at the end how they could implement some of these ideas at their campuses.


Here are some topics that we believe would be of interest to attendees:

  • How can you identify and overcome the barriers to quality professional development? What policies, practices, politics, resources and mindsets are preventing impactful professional development experiences for all employees?

  • How are you equitizing Professional Development for all employees - Classified, Administrators and Faculty? How do you cultivate a culture of professional development throughout all employees? How do you create a sense of belonging among all employee groups?

  • Data, Effectiveness and Feedback: How do you measure the effectiveness of professional development? How are you using data to measure the impact of professional development on student achievement and closing equity gaps?


Award Nomination

Each year, we seek to award those who have accomplished outstanding things! 

The announcement about awards is coming soon.

Start thinking about those PD colleagues who are most deserving - including yourself!

Online Class


Registration will go live on or about late March.

Stay tuned! 

Image by Rhema Kallianpur


We are excited to return to the Doubletree in Claremont this year.

Be sure to tell them you are with 4CSD.

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