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Work Teams

Collaborating and Moving Big Ideas Forward

College Students

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Work Team

This work team is helping to gather and share models for embedding DEIA on campus beyond grant initiatives through scalable project plans.  They are working to empower professional development practitioners to navigate skepticism around DEIA professional development efforts and gain insights into documenting DEIA work and strengthening coalitions.

Contact Work Team captain and 4CSD Board Member, Pilar Huffman, to get involved with this team. 

PD, Flex & Title 5
Work Team

As a Professional Development practitioner, you have likely used the FLEX Guidelines or Title 5 language in your work.  Have you ever thought they could use some updating to clarify the expectations and be more equitable for all employees?  We have! The FLEX Guidelines were originally developed in 1993 and the most recent update is from 2007, and Title 5 language dates back to 1991 with some parts as recent as 2007. 


This work group is rolling up their sleeves, collaborating with the Chancellor's office and other key stakeholders to change the FLEX Guidelines and how the CCC prioritizes professional learning for all employees.

Contact Work Team captains and 4CSD Board Members, Chris Franz and Natalie Halsell, to get involved with this team. 

UX Design Team
Job Candidate

EEO Work Team

With funding coming from the Chancellor’s office to foster and support a diverse workforce throughout the system – from recruitment and interviewing to onboarding and retention – Professional Development Practitioners play a key role in program development.


This work team is collaborating with stakeholders statewide, including the Chancellor's office, to create a vision for the professional development practices that will guide best practices in equitable hiring.

Contact Work Team captain and 4CSD Board Member, Christine Phillips, to get involved with this team. 

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